Ortholog Set 2234788

Analysis ID 2234788
Cluster ID 1309
Ortholuge Class

No Ortholuge class assigned. This is often the case when a suitable outgroup species is available to perform Ortholuge analysis, however an outgroup ortholog is not available for this particular ortholog set.

SSD Borderline Similar Non-SSD Divergent Non-SSD RBB
Ratio 1
Ratio 2
Local FDR for Ratio 1
Local FDR for Ratio 2
Analysis Type Ortholuge

Ingroup 1

StrainPseudomonas stutzeri DSM 10701
Locus TagPSJM300_17040
Descriptionhypothetical protein

Ingroup 2

StrainPseudomonas resinovorans NBRC 106553
Locus TagPCA10_26130
Descriptionputative transporter

Inparalogs to Ingroup 2

StrainPseudomonas resinovorans NBRC 106553
Locus TagPCA10_19660
Descriptionputative transporter