Ortholog Set 802504

Analysis ID 802504
Cluster ID 1477
Ortholuge Class

No Ortholuge class assigned. This is often the case when a suitable outgroup species is available to perform Ortholuge analysis, however an outgroup ortholog is not available for this particular ortholog set.

SSD Borderline Similar Non-SSD Divergent Non-SSD RBB
Ratio 1
Ratio 2
Local FDR for Ratio 1
Local FDR for Ratio 2
Analysis Type Ortholuge

Ingroup 1

StrainPseudomonas fluorescens SBW25
Locus TagPFLU2425
Descriptionputative type II secretion system protein F

Inparalog 1

StrainPseudomonas fluorescens SBW25
Locus TagPFLU3230
Descriptiongeneral secretion pathway protein F/S

Ingroup 2

StrainPseudomonas stutzeri ATCC 17588 = LMG 11199
Locus TagPSTAB_0186
Descriptiongeneral secretion pathway protein F